AIMS documentation

AIMS meant something like “Analysis of Images and Signals” but nobody really knows what it exactly means now...

Anyway it is the neuroimaging structures manipulation library of the BrainVISA project.


AIMS tuorial

Developers section

C++ API docs

Beginning of programming tutorial

AIMS library C++ API

AIMS is also composed of several sub-projects:

  • Carto data: neuroimaging data structures and IO implementations
  • AIMS data: image processing basics (this doc)
  • AIMS algo: algorithms for AIMS
  • Graph: high-level graphs library
  • AIMS GUI: Qt-based GUI classes for AIMS
  • AIMS Til: Mainly meshes manipulation tools for AIMS
  • Soma-IO: C++ general IO libraries, containing these sub-projects:

PyAIMS: in Python

PyAIMS documentation

Sources repository

The main repository is on, and the web interface:

The server here is operated by the CEA institution, and has access rules that we cannot decide to change: it requires a login and password, which is somewhat annoying for open-source software.

However there is a “public” login/password to access the open-source code for reading:

login: brainvisa
password: Soma2009

So it is normally possible to access the repository using this kind of link:

Building sources and using AIMS for custom programs

Projects are mainly in C++ and Python language. As BrainVISA is modular, it is made of multiple projects, which are separated by scope, aim, maintainers, language, and licence. To build the whole thing, we needed a tool to build an aggregation of the various projects. This tool is based on CMake but needed a higher-level tool to glue the various projects. This is the role of the brainvisa-cmake project of BrainVisa, and its main program, bv_maker.

Instructions on how to use it are available on the sources server wen interface: